Phew. After two shows with only a short week between them, we've finally had some time to catch our breath. So, apologies for not getting more updates out, but we're looking at smooth sailing for the future.

Looking at a show like ProMat, it's amazing to me how little I thought about the actual logistics of the show itself until after the fact. Really, when you step inside McCormick and see the rows and rows of booths, some simple and some incredibly elaborate, how all those materials and people actually got there is lost immediately in the spectacle of the whole thing. Certainly, that's the point though, isn't it? Even those of us directly involved in distribution, warehousing, or any aspect of the supply chain, tend to let that aspect "go" when we're not knee deep in the work of it all. I mean, really, do any of us contemplate the logistics of getting each item from the manufacturer to the store when we pick them off the shelf at our grocery? Surely not many do.

Supply chain, indeed, Business Intelligence itself, is the most successful when it goes unnoticed. Which can be difficult to swallow for some of us. We work hard to make sure our operations run smoothly, and that our customers can get exactly what they want when they want it, but doing that job well means that there's not a second thought about how the product got to the shelves. 

The same can be said about BI tools. They work at their absolute best when they are seemless. One should never have to think about linking a system to another, or pulling information from the database, they should simply work as intended. And like the supply chain, the results need to be seen, not the mechanics.