Alright everyone. It's coming. In 12 days we'll be in 2013. That year has a certain property doesn't it? Certainly, it's not a typical year some science fiction writer would have used in the 60's to talk about the ambiguous "Future," and anything over 2000 still seems to have this other-worldly quality to it. We're also well into the 3rd millennium at this point. We should be past all of the growing pains from moving from one century to the next, and we're pretty comfortable with being in this point in time. You could sort of look at the first decade in this millennium as a training period, where we were still trying to get our footing. But we should have that now, right? Right? .... Guys?

I have a challenge for the new year for everyone reading this blog. Take a step back from your operations and think; Is this the operation that belongs in the year 2013? And if it's not, how do you get it there? That should be your goal moving forward. Not just this year, but every year. I've mentioned before several times that BI fails when it is no longer pushing itself. The moment we start resting on our laurels, is the moment we start failing to understand the whole point of BI. It's not a project that begins and ends, it's a means unto itself. 

There's a wealth of technologies available to us right now that could substantially improve our operations if we would only embrace them. Both from a software and hardware perspective, very few of us are doing everything we can to simplify our operations and make them as efficient as possible. I recently posted on our twitter recently about an operation that was almost 100% automatic. They had so few mistakes, operated at near peak efficiency 24/7 and only needed a few individuals for their warehouses to run. This is what we should be gunning for. Not their specific methods and systems, but that idea. We should constantly be aware of where we can improve ourselves. 

Honestly? I think that's kind of a fun New Years Resolution.