A question that comes up a lot to us when people first find out about our software is often one of almost surprise. "You can interface with multiple data systems simultaneously!?" is typically, although an approximation, of what we hear. Perhaps it is my bias from working with Blue Sky, but I honestly don't see how you could call any system you use "intelligent" otherwise. That's not to be demeaning or degrading to other systems out there, but when you're lacking some key technology or ability like this, what is your system really doing calling itself "intelligent?"

See, the bar, in my mind, is in a constant state of being raised. This isn't just true for BI tools, it's true for almost every aspect of our lives and in every industry. For example, your average first world citizen currently lives in better standards than anyone who lived 100 years ago, with the exception of basically royalty. It's not that we have more relative wealth (we do, but that's neither here nor there), it's that we have more at our disposal. Electricity, cars, computing devices of all types, clean clothes, clean food, clean water, indoor plumbing, medicine, and many more are all pretty much standard. The bar has been raised.

So why then, shouldn't we expect more from our tools? Why would anyone still be content using "green screen" programs and "BI" tools that don't act in real time? Expecting more is what gets us more. Business Intelligence is more than just a pre-defined set of rules of what a piece of software or system should accomplish. Afraid of using too many platitudes here, I'll say that it is truly a state-of-mind. An idea. The question should always be, "How can we make this better?" Once we find the answer to that question, then our real work can begin.